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Walk That Half!

More and more people are choosing to walk the half-marathon race as a way to experience the accomplishment with joint-friendly  low-impact walking. I'll share all I've learned from walking thirty-something half-marathons. Walk That Half! will prepare you for training, identify an effective training schedule and get you through the entire process--from registration to race day, start line to the finish line. You'll get all the benefits of a regular walking routine like lower stress, lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes to name a few. A regular walking routine has also been shown in studies to reduce the symptoms of depression.

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Walk That Half!

Training to walk a half-marathon is the perfect incentive to initiate and maintain a regular walking routine. I've completed over thirty-five half-marathons and love how it keeps me moving.

This course is a comprehensive overview of everything half-marathon. It covers training and tips, registration to race day, and  start line to finish. This course is your access to a flawless half-marathon experience.


Personal Coaching

In addition to the full Walk That Half! course, we'll have three one-on-one coaching calls strategically placed within your course to help you stick with your training program, select the best half-marathon for your personal goals and ensure a great race-day experience,

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Surf City 8 Week Training Program

Join the Walk That Half team at the February 2, 2020 Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Receive updates up to twice weekly to prepare you to complete your first (or next) half-marathon.

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Personalized Coaching

While Walk That Half! includes all the information you need to walk your first (or next) half-marathon, some folks prefer to enhance the course with one-on-one coaching calls. Ready, Set, Go is a three session coaching package for personalized coaching on training routines, race selection and race day preparation. The coaching package includes full access to Walk That Half!

Coaching Package

Why Walk That Half?

Rahbin Shyne shares the inspiration for creating this invaluable resource for new half-marathoners.


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