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Walk That Half!

More and more people are choosing to walk the half-marathon race as a way to experience the accomplishment with joint-friendly  low-impact walking. I'll share all I've learned from walking thirty-something half-marathons. Walk That Half! will prepare you for training, identify an effective training schedule and get you through the entire process--from registration to race day, start line to the finish line. You'll get all the benefits of a regular walking routine like lower stress, lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes to name a few. A regular walking routine has also been shown in studies to reduce the symptoms of depression.

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I love walking half-marathons!!


Walk That Half!

Training to walk a half-marathon is the perfect incentive to initiate and maintain a regular walking routine. I've completed over thirty-five half-marathons and love how it keeps me moving.

This course is a comprehensive overview of everything half-marathon. It covers training and tips, registration to race day, and  start line to finish. This course is your access to a flawless half-marathon experience.


Personal Coaching

In addition to the full Walk That Half! course, we'll have three one-on-one coaching calls strategically placed within your course to help you stick with your training program, select the best half-marathon for your personal goals and ensure a great race-day experience,

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12 Week Training Program

For those of you who want more than the course content, but less than personal coaching, a guided 12-week training program will be available for purchase in November 2019. Everyone who signs up for Walk That Half before September 30th will have access to the 12-week program for free (regular price is $99).

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Personalized Coaching

While Walk That Half! includes all the information you need to walk your first (or next) half-marathon, some folks prefer to enhance the course with one-on-one coaching calls. Ready, Set, Go is a three session coaching package for personalized coaching on training routines, race selection and race day preparation. The coaching package includes full access to Walk That Half!

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